ACADEMIC HISTORY                                                          

Arcadia University, Glenside, PA     2006
Master’s Degree of Education, Art K-12
Temple University, Tyler School of Art,  
Elkins Park, PA . 2002 . Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Art, Painting and Sculpture
Temple University Rome, Rome, Italy   1999-2000                                                                              

Elkins Park School, Elkins Park, PA                                       Art Teacher, September 2011-June 2018
Consortium of the Arts, King of Prussia,  PA                           Art Teacher, June 2011-July2011
Colonial Elementary School, Plymouth Meeting, PA           Art Teacher, August 2010-June 2011
Saint Eleanor’s School, Collegeville, PA                               Art Teacher, September 2007-August 2010
Conshohocken Art League, Conshohocken, PA                   Art Teacher, October 2003-May 2010
Mermaid County Day Camp, Blue Bell, PA                           Art & Crafts Instructor, June 2007 - August 2008
Conshohocken Catholic School Conshohocken, PA            Art Teacher, February 2007-May 2007
Pink Cow Studio, Downingtown, PA                                Artist Assistant to Jeff Schaller, October 2003-June 2005


Professional Certificate, Instruction II, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, December 2012, Art of Teaching, Art K-12,
Professional Certificate, Instruction I, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, December 2006, Art of Teaching, Art K-12, 


About the Artist

I am interested in seeing - in knocking the blinders from the eyes of people – in carving away “optic fungus” - slowing down the rat race to the speed of a paint drip.   I am interested in layers, versions, identities, perception and perspectives.

Influenced by Saints who sat with me in the family pew, by plastic capes and tightly wrapped perm rods, by weekends with cousins and by mom’s rigatonis.  Molded by the soft Oil of Olay saturated hands that finely chopped onion and peeled fresh garlic.  Inveigled by intermittence of the Machiavellian craft of a once gangster, used-car salesman, barber, want-to-be cowboy, who is not officially my step-father.  And compounded with the make it from scratch, do it all yourself with a smile and a joke, no one makes it better than you, mentality of my mom, grandfather and dad starts the amalgamation of me.

 I want to combine my aptitude for seeing, learning, teaching and producing into a body of work that explores process, identity, relationships and layers- that recognizes history while occupying present and exploring the roles people play.  The body of work presented in my current portfolio relates to the idea of versions.  There are pieces that are more abstract and focus on process and layers, the love of paint and the idea of building with it.